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Pure Nurture Pregnancy and Birth

Sep 22, 2020

Stephanie and Jessica are both Doctors of Physical Therapy, Pelvic Floor Specialists, and the founders of the Chelsea Method, the first fourth-trimester rehabilitation program for moms. Passionate about raising the maternal standard of care, in August they launched a campaign called Think Beyond Birth with the mission of improving education, preparation, and care for the immediate postpartum mom.

What you’ll hear in this episode:

– Think Beyond Birth campaign
– Postpartum care for moms in the US & how it’s lacking
– 4th Trimester Guidebook
– Helpful postures post-birth
– Mental, emotional, & social support post-birth
– How to return to intimacy
– Baby blues & seeking help
– Practical must-haves for recovery
– Perineum care
– Breastf
– Why new moms need rehab prior to jumping back into fitness

Connect with Stephanie or Jessica:
Instagram: @chelseamethod