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Pure Nurture Pregnancy and Birth

Mar 24, 2020

Amanda Thomas is a certified Elimination Communication (EC) coach and consultant for Go Diaper Free. She teaches parents how to potty train their kids without using diapers. Or, at least using fewer diapers!

In this episode, you'll hear about:

  • Natural infant pottying
  • Go Diaper Free
  • Elimination Communication (EC)
  • Potty...

Mar 17, 2020

Sometimes big, life-changing events happen. They leave you feeling bruised and a lot less like the person you know you are in your soul. You divide your life into the before and after. You wonder how to make sense of it and how to move on as a new version of yourself. At 18 weeks pregnant with her second child, she...

Mar 13, 2020

Dr. Aviva Romm is a midwife, herbalist, and Yale-trained MD, Board Certified in Family Medicine with Obstetrics, who has been bridging the best of traditional medicine with good science for over three decades. Her focus is on what she calls our total health ecology, utilizing medicine to identify and reverse the root...

Mar 10, 2020

Tranquility by HeHe is a Maternity Concierge, Doula, and Birthing Service in the Boston area. Their mission is to provide high quality, holistic, individualized doula services to Boston families in an empowering and nurturing environment. They take their doula services above and beyond prenatal, birth, and postpartum...