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Pure Nurture Pregnancy and Birth

Jul 23, 2019

We are 2 episodes away from the end of Season 1 of the Pure Nurture Podcast!

We'll celebrate the 1 year anniversary of the podcast in September 2019 with the kick-off to season 2.

As we head toward the finish line, I thought it'd be fun to go through a TOP 10 recap of the ten most downloaded episodes of the podcast.

  1. The most downloaded episode of season 1 is Episode 33, Conscious Conception and Pregnancy with Kiersten Markham
  2. Episode 23, The Importance of Prenatal Bonding with Kate White
  3. Episode 32, Birth Without Fear with January Harshe
  4. Episode 34, Using Your Intuition to Improve your Pregnancy and Birth Experience with Adriana Lozada
  5. Episode 01, Preparing for Birth and Breastfeeding with Molly Mills
  6. Episode 39, Five Questions You Must Ask Your Care Provider Before Birth with Deb Flashenberg
  7. Episode 13, Functional Nutrition for Fertility, Pregnancy, and Motherhood with Andrea White
  8. Episode 35, Say Yes to Birth with Rachel Yellin
  9. Episode 41, Orgasmic Birth with Debra Pascali-Bonoro
  10. Episode 25, Prenatal Nutrition with Melissa Mor

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