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Pure Nurture Pregnancy and Birth

Jun 15, 2023

Gigi Vincent is a postpartum doula and host of the Ready for Baby podcast; she is committed to shifting the disparity between the amount of focus most families place on birth versus preparing for the fourth trimester. A strong advocate of preparing for postpartum by investing in maternal support instead of fancy baby equipment, Gigi empowers families to focus on resting and bonding instead of researching or stressing. Knowing there isn’t one right way to have and raise a tiny human, Gigi works with parents as they find their way to thrive in the fourth trimester and beyond.

- what is a postpartum doula, and what do they do
- using your baby registry to set yourself up for success (choosing services and /or minimalism)
- using herbs and oil for warmth in the fourth trimester

Gigi Vera Vincent

Postpartum Doula - NCS - CLES