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Pure Nurture Pregnancy and Birth

Mar 5, 2019

"Being a Mother today is an equivalent to having 2.5 full-time job for 90 hours a week. Research shows that people burn out after 4 hours a day of work." Stephanie Jhala

Stephanie Miranda Jhala of A Mother's Movement is a multidisciplinary force in the realm of business, social impact, and leadership. She brings over a decade of experience in Strategy, Corporate Social Responsibility, Culture, and Coaching. Pre-baby, she propelled purpose-driven companies with a bold vision to make a difference in the world. Upon becoming a mother, Stephanie shifted her focus to building a community of empowered mothers.
Motherhood whooped her butt. She deeply mourned the loss of her old identity and felt desperately lonely. When she hit rock bottom, she decided to gather mothers to learn if she was crazy, only to find out that we were all in the same boat.
What started as a personal quest for support, grew into a much bigger mission to empower mothers around the globe. All the Mama Feels (NOTE: rebranding to "A Mother's Movement") was born and has since blossomed into a deeply connected and healing community. The ultimate vision is to activate maternal power, rise up to positions of leadership, close the gender gap, and restore balance to the planet: boardrooms, governments, oceans, and forests.
In this episode, you’ll hear about:
  • Where Stephanie’s passion for leadership coaching came from and how she’s creating a ripple effect with her leadership coaching (0:30)
  • Changing practitioners during pregnancy (9:00)
  • How Instagram lies to you about motherhood (9:52)
  • Why working Moms are in constant fight or flight mode and how society lost touch with Mothering the Mother (13:00)
  • Where you can join the Mother’s Movement Program (12:45)
WOW. This episode got me fired up to take back our POWER and DIVINE WORTH as Mothers. You’re not “Just a Mom.” Nurturing a child is the most important gift for both a kid and a Mother.
This conversation was so rich, you’ll want to share it with your Mom friends. It’s time to pursue balance for the Modern Mom because living in the masculine structure doesn’t work anymore. There should be a #MeTooMom Movement for this.
March over to to RECLAIM your birthright to live an empowered life! Connect with Stephanie’s Facebook Group and Instagram for an enlightening discussion.