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Pure Nurture Pregnancy and Birth

Aug 16, 2022

Eyla Cuenca is a holistic birth guide, Childbirth Educator, Lactation Counselor, health freedom advocate, and mother. She holds a BA in Anthropology from Bennington College and trained under Robert A. Bradley, MD where she became specialized as a Birth Educator. Her years of work as a Guardian Ad Litem for the 11th Judicial Circuit and attending births as a Doula in both hospital and home settings brought her into human rights and advocacy work. She stands behind the idea that it is everyone’s right to have access to empowering education from conception to parenting. Her practice is dedicated to offering guidance that supports women and men in the process that is a return to their deepest knowing about birth, individual sovereignty, and the body’s innate intelligence.

She offers 1-1 guidance sessions to assist women and couples at any point in their journey, from conscious conception to processing births years later. She also offers her signature childbirth education program, as well as Doula training, and Placentophagy training (how to prepare the placenta for consumption).

In this episode, you’ll hear about:

  • The importance of taking a class about pregnancy and birth
  • Nutrition to improve your birthing experience
  • Navigating surprises during birth
  • Eyla’s course: Uncovering Birth Masterclass
What students get from the Uncovering Birth Immersion:
  • Deep knowledge of how labor and birth work
  • Fears transmuted into desires and courage
  • Nutrition to avoid birth complications & support postpartum health
  • Effective, non-chemical relaxation techniques
  • A clear understanding of breastfeeding, newborn care, postpartum healing
  • Tools for clear communication with medical providers & birth team
  • A comprehensive unique birth & postpartum plan
  • How to navigate variables & unexpected scenarios
  • Deeper connection and communication with your birth partner
  • PDFs, videos, and actions steps to support you in continued learning & conscious parenting

“Maybe you want a natural birth but everyone says it’s painful, and maybe even impossible. This 8-week deep dive into an empowered birth will crush your limiting beliefs holding you back from having the experience you want and are worthy of.”

I get it, there is a lot telling us we can’t do it. Telling us that birth is something we should want to get through as quickly as possible. I’m here to tell you, that birth can be transformative, pleasurable, and the best experience of your life.

It’s just a matter of getting fully informed.

Are you ready to break through limiting beliefs and have a peaceful & empowering experience?

Results of Taking this Course

As a mother, after this course you will:
  • Know how to prepare your body and mind for easeful and connected birthing
  • Feel confident about your birth choices & making informed decisions
  • Be able to plan and accomplish the natural birth of your dreams
  • Understand how to welcome, nurture and care for your new baby
  • Breakthrough any fear or apprehensions about the “pain” or mysteries of birth
As a father, after this course you will:
  • Know exactly how to support the mother through her journey
  • Feel confident in creating a masculine container within the birth context
  • Be able to advocate more easily for your family
  • Have the practical  tools to read labor and assist with newborn care and postpartum support
  • Dispel limiting beliefs about birth 

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