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Pure Nurture Pregnancy and Birth

Oct 30, 2018

Dr. Aly Cohen is a practicing rheumatologist and integrative medicine physician in Princeton, New Jersey. She has been actively involved in the area of environmental health over the past decade. Her work has led to education collaborations with Environmental Working Group and several medical schools and physician training programs. She recently co-edited the text, "Integrative Environmental Medicine, through Oxford University Press/ Weil Academic Series.
In 2016, she founded "The Smart Human" social media platform, in order to better educate the general public on topics in environmental health and prevention, and she is currently working to create curriculum on environmental health to be available to high school students nationally. She posts practical health and prevention tips and recommendations on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. She is also a mother of two crazy young boys and several adorable animals.
In this episode, you’ll learn:
You can find Dr. Aly Cohen and her amazing resources at TheSmartHuman.comFacebookTwitterInstagramLinkedIn. If you’re near Princeton, New Jersey, visit her private practice.