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Pure Nurture Pregnancy and Birth

Sep 12, 2018

In this episode, we are joining Kori Kostka, Registered Dietitian and mama of two little ones.  Kori started off as your typical meal planner but quickly realized she personally needed more. She now coaches mindful eating, which is also about self-compassion and self-discovery. Food is meant to be fun! She lives on an old working farm in the country, Uxbridge Ontario Canada, with my husband and two kids.  I love seeing all the beautiful photos from Kori's farm on her Instagram page! I try not to have favorites, but this conversation with Kori ranks high on the list. I enjoyed this conversation so much and walked away with simple ideas that I implemented in my kitchen and with my family immediately. Her kind demeanor and loving way of speaking about food and mindful eating will leave you feeling satisfied. She is incredibly knowledgeable and shares information that will help mamas and mamas-to-be create a healthier relationship with themselves, their food, and their families.

On this episode you learn about:

-Mindful eating and mindful movement to live a more nourished life.

-It's not about slowing down, it's more about setting boundaries.

-What the "Netflix Effect" means and how it can impact our mood around food.

-And so much more!


You can find Kori on  Facebook , Instagram and on her website,

Thank you so much for listening. And remember, self-care is baby-care.  The better we support ourselves, and each other, as mamas, the more we’ll have to give back to our little ones.

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Join us on another episode of the Pure Nurture Podcast! Next week Patricia Panasri will join us for an intuitive conversation about the connection between astrology and motherhood. She'll also be sharing about her experience with postpartum depression, how she moved through it, and how it shaped the work that she is doing today. Patricia lives in Thailand with her husband and two children.