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Pure Nurture Pregnancy and Birth

Sep 14, 2018

Patricia Panasri is on a mission to guide mom entrepreneurs back into the flow of motherhood through her gifts as an astrologer and her personal journey into motherhood.

She uses this wisdom to support other entrepreneurial mothers who are lost in the struggles of balancing motherhood and work. Patricia knows firsthand what it's like to be in survival mode after her second was born. A deep postpartum depression made her turn her attention inwards and heal the deep wounds from within.

Patricia leads them to redefine themselves as women, mothers, entrepreneurs and learn how to trust their intuition again, using a unique astrology infused coaching method with her 1-on-1 clients and in her online membership community.

In this episode, you'll learn ...

-How to use astrology and the phases of the moon to support yourself and your relationship with your child(ren).

-About the balance all the different demands of life and motherhood. Is there really such a thing as balance?

-How to trust your intuition through astrology.

-About Patricia's experience with postpartum depression and how it shaped the work that she does today.

Thank you so much for listening. And remember, self-care is baby-care.  The better we support ourselves, and each other, as mamas, the more we’ll have to give back to our little ones.

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