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Pure Nurture Pregnancy and Birth

Jan 28, 2020

Meet this power couple, Sarah Bivens: coach, podcaster, & amazing mama — AND — Matthew Bivens: coach, podcaster, & purpose activator.

They individually and collectively help people prepare for parenthood in an orgasmic way.

Sarah's mission is: To be the Badass Goddess in exquisite execution of balanced lifestyle; acknowledging and honoring my divine feminine source and owning my power to co-create, while intimately connecting to others through love, service, nurturing, and healing; exploring and being what’s possible, attuned to the abundance of the Universe and answering its call with a joyful and faithful heart that generates orgasmic and sustainable health and wealth.

Matthew's mission is: To help you transform fear to love and scarcity to abundance, and I’m so committed to creating and holding the space for your greatness!

In this episode, you'll hear about:

  • Doing it at Home Podcast with Sarah & Matthew Bivens
  • Home Birth stories & resources
  • Having it A.L.L Podcast with Matthew Bivens
  • Balanced Lifestyle Coaching
  • Fasting
  • Empowered Birth Community
  • Kids magnify everything
  • Communication in marriage
  • Breakdown to breakthrough
  • Pre-children counseling
  • Scheduling sex
  • Kids are our teachers
  • Resolving conflict with kids
  • Book Recommendation: The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey
  • Documentary: E-MOTION by Gaia
  • Healthy relationships vs codependency

Thank you, Sarah & Matthew, for giving us a lot to think about for our own personal & familial fulfillment! Be open to what they've co-created: + Sarah's Instagram + Matthew's Instagram