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Pure Nurture Pregnancy and Birth

May 4, 2023

There are about 172 different pet names for a pacifier.  No matter what you call it, it can be hard on the entire family when it's time to break the binky habit. In this podcast episode, I'm sharing how our family said, “Chao chupito!" Depending on what you call it, you can be saying "Bye-Bye, Binky" in just a short time too. 

Listen to our story here and find a step-by-step guide to breaking the binky habit below:

How to successfully send all of your pacifiers off to new babies that don’t have any (and that really need them.)

  • Begin two weeks or more before you actually plan to send the pacifiers off to… the trash, tell your little one that he or she is a big girl, boy, or kid now.  Let them know that only tiny babies use [pacifiers].  Insert whatever pet name you have for it.  Share with them in an enthusiastic way and confident way that they won’t need it for much longer.  (We used G’s second birthday as a time marker for her.)
  • After talking about this story multiple times, you may find your child telling you the story as well, even though they will continue to use the pacifier.  When they’re tired or cranky, they may even say, “Pacifier, yes! No new babies!”  However, don’t give up or give in.  Stay positive and affirmative.
  • When the day comes that you are ready to make the leap, don’t talk about the pacifier at all that day.  Around 4 or 5 pm or after dinner, begin the pacifier scavenger hunt.
  • When your child is distracted, place all of the pacifiers around the house in any place that is eye-level and easy for your child to see.
  • Tell your child it’s time to send the pacifiers to the new babies.  In our case, to new baby cousin.  Explain the process.  “It’s time to send the pacifiers to the new babies; let’s get a bag and collect them all.”  Ask in an excited voice, “Will you help me?”
  • Give them a bag or box and have them collect all of the pacifiers.
  • Tell them, “Now it’s time to put the bag on the front porch for the mailman/mailwoman.  He or she is going to take the pacifier to the new babies.  Have your child physically place the bag on the front porch and close the door.
  • After you come inside, say in a very excited way, “You did it! You sent your pacifiers to the new babies! That was very helpful.”
  • When your child probably realizes they didn’t want to give the pacifiers away, they will most likely ask for it at bedtime.  In a calm and gentle voice, reassure them by explaining that they put the pacifiers on the porch and the delivery person already took them. They’re all gone.  Now the new babies have them.  Reassure your little one by saying, “You can do it.  You can handle it.”
  • You may have to cuddle more, give more milk, sing, or read a bit longer, but it’s worth it.
  • Over the next few days and nights, repeat to them as many times as you need to that they are big now, and they gave their pacifiers to the new babies that didn’t have any.  Constantly reassure them that they can do it and that they can handle it.
  • Stay strong!  “You can do it!”

Good luck!!