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Pure Nurture Pregnancy and Birth

Jan 21, 2020

Welcome Shveta Sontakey back on the podcast! On episode 19, she said how hypnobirthing was the most empowering thing she did for herself, and her family.

Today she invites us to see what our brains look like for the first time.

In her new business, Nurtured Brain, she helps families optimize their brain power through neuroscience and tech. I WISH I lived in LA to try this service out with her! It sounds AMAZING and LIFE CHANGING for parents. When you see your brain for the first time (just like looking in the mirror), you'll automatically make adjustments. Things like resolve trauma, rewire your brain to be more mindful, and calm your nervous system. Powerful stuff!

In this episode, you'll hear about:

Sheveta LOVES creating stronger neural pathways in your brain. What she LOVES MORE is connecting with you! Say "HI!" to her on Instagram, see how to optimize your brain at Nurtured Brain, and check out her affirmation bracelets. To your brilliant brain!