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Pure Nurture Pregnancy and Birth

May 25, 2023

Over nine years ago, Jodi and her family started the adventure of homeschooling. Towards the beginning, she wrestled with various methods and philosophies, curriculums, and checklists to find the correct fit for her family. She was in search of a method that embodied the beautiful use of art and natural materials in Waldorf education yet encompassed the pedagogy of Charlotte Mason, all while being simple enough to educate five children efficiently.

Since she was unsuccessful in finding such a method or curriculum, she had no choice but to develop her own techniques that would meet the spiritual, educational, emotional, and physical needs of her children all while fitting into their family rhythm. Since implementing those techniques has been such a rewarding experience for all of them, she's decided to share them with you!

Join our conversation to learn more about Jodi and all that she's created!

In this episode, you will hear about:

  • Learning each child's personality and individual needs
  • How Jodi takes care of herself (even through grieving the loss her father)
  • Creating an aesthetically pleasing home for children who have sensory issues
  • Incorporating faith and spirituality in your life
  • The Whole & Healthy Family book
  • Homeschooling resources for sale
  • The seasons of social media

Connect with Jodi: