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Pure Nurture Pregnancy and Birth

Mar 8, 2022

Meet my guest, Austen Lincoln. She is a licensed pediatric occupational therapist and child development nerd who owns a small therapy and parent coaching business called Steps 2 Grow. She lives in rural North Carolina with her husband Colin and their Bouvier Des Flandres Abraham. When Austen isn't encouraging little movers or empowering their caregivers, she is watching the sunrise from a rocker on her barn deck, simmering bone broth, baking paleo bread, learning to garden, or making some other attempt at homesteading.

In this episode, you'll hear about:

  • What are some research-proven practices that positively impact sensory-motor development?
  • What are some easy ways parents can incorporate these concepts into their daily routines?
  • How the pandemic may be influencing baby/child development
  • Caution signs: what to look for that may indicate seeing a specialist
  • If there were one or two things you would want a parent to remind themselves or think about daily as it relates to their child’s development, what would it be?
  • Online course: Mindful Steps to Motor Milestones

Connect with Austen:

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