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Pure Nurture Pregnancy and Birth

Sep 1, 2022

This is something I’ve NEVER talked about on the podcast before … SEX! Heather Bartos, MD, OB-GYN talks about five-sense-sex, the best position to try if you’re 39 weeks pregnant, bringing sex back after baby, prioritizing sex when you're a busy parent, and so much more.  Put your headphones on for this one!

Heather Bartos, MD, OB-GYN, is a leading voice in the field of women’s health and wellness, the fierce founder of Badass Woman, Badass Health, and a proud creator of MindSHIFT medicine (the integration of mental, physical, and emotional health to care for the whole woman).

Fascinated the way what we think about impacts how we feel, Dr. Bartos teaches women and their families how to thrive, no matter what their stage of life. She is a board-certified OB-GYN, US Navy Veteran, former Associate Professor at USUHS and former Chief of Obstetrics & Gynecology at Texas Health Hospital in Denton, TX. She is currently the owner/medical director of her “village for women’s health,” Be. Women’s Health & Wellness.

Featured in publications from Glamour and Huffington Post to Reader’s Digest, Women’s Health and ABC News, Dr. Bartos is a frequent speaker and writer on all areas of women’s health and her practice of MindSHIFT Medicine.

In this episode, you’ll hear about:

  • Who is Heather Bartos? (2:45)
  • Sex will change as a woman changes (4:44)
  • Having sex on your moon cycle (6:07)
  • How to have sex while pregnant (7:12)
  • How to boost your libido (12:30)
  • Five sense sex (16:50)
  • The sex position to try during week 38 or 39 of pregnancy (17:26)
  • Your sex life will change after birth, especially when breastfeeding (21:40)
  • You CAN get pregnant while you’re breastfeeding (24:10)
  • How to have a healthy sex life when your kids are age one (25:10)

Tap into Heather’s world at and check out her Facebook LIVE Series: Is this Normal? on her Facebook page, and say “Hayyy!” on Instagram @DrHeatherBartos