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Pure Nurture Pregnancy and Birth

Feb 25, 2020

Alisa made history on the Dr. Oz Show when she discussed menstruation on national TV. She showed them how to ‘read’ your menstrual blood (using mashed fruit as props) to determine if you have hormonal imbalances. You can see the video here.

She also spoke about hormones, neurochemistry, feminine energy, entrepreneurship, and success at TEDx, Talks@Google, Summit Series Outside, Hay House, WIE Symposium, and SHE Summit.

While she's super science-minded, Alisa has been known to drop F-bombs on stage. You'll find her doing rituals on the new and full moon, and she wears tight, black dresses with colorful aprons in her kitchen — all with her baby girl on her hip and her Italian grandmother’s olive-wood spoon in hand.

Alisa built FLO Living as a virtual online health center to help women solve their hormonal symptoms from anywhere in the world. I published a book called WomanCode, which has been in the Top 50 bestselling women’s health books of all time since it was published.

Here's a breakdown of our chat:

Alissa invites you to get support for your hormones and fertility at Once you read her new book, In the Flo, you won't be able to put it down. See what bonuses you can get with the book at Sync with Alissa's IG flow here.