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Pure Nurture Pregnancy and Birth

Nov 20, 2018

Our natural response to heal has been suppressed for a variety of reasons. Homeopathy offers a supportive environment that allows the body to heal on its own. Cilla Whatcott guides us through the wonderful world of homeopathy. With a Ph.D. and a Board Certification in Homeopathy, she eloquently explains this beautiful science. If you wondered what those blue vials are in the health food shop, this conversation fills you in.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • She found a calling in homeopathy by curing her son’s asthma (3:47)
  • What homeopathy is and how it works (5:44)
  • Every cell has intelligence and is designed to heal itself (9:22)
  • The explosion of chronic illness and the beauty of emergency medicine (12:43)
  • Building immunity naturally (14:10)
  • Miller’s Review of Critical Vaccine Studies book (16:50)
  • Your voice echoes here - I’d cut this part out (19:15 - 19:24)
  • What you can do at home to support your immunity (19:49)
  • 12 Cell Salts (20:26)
  • Elderberry Syrup (22:26)
  • Influenzinum (22:40)
  • What is homeoprophylaxis or HP? (24:10)
  • The difference between homeoprophylaxis and homeopathy (27:18)
  • How often to take homeopathic medicine during flu season (29:28)
  • How to handle bad vaccine injuries with a homeopath (30:12)
  • How Willa educates and empowers parents to develop healthy immune systems for these kids (32:05)
  • The inspiration behind Cilla’s film, Real Immunity (32:50) 
  • Passage to Real Immunity, Cilla’s next film (34:14)
  • Learn more about immunity support and Cilla’s work (35:32)
  • Best advice Cilla received about raising children (36:22)
Dive into the homeopathy world of, and
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