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Pure Nurture Pregnancy and Birth

Jul 2, 2019

Easily tap into your intuition!
Think of intuition differently than you ever have before. Katie uses Carl Jung’s definition of God within which to me means an all-knowing force that loves you unconditionally and completely. It is always available for guidance and support and is always protecting you, like a perfect parent, which so many of us never had.
The directions are to write (not type) out a question, thought or feeling to your intuition. Wait to see what you hear and feel in response and write that down. Then write back. Wait for a response again and write back. You can continue for as long as you would like. I use this technique to talk with my guides, my body and also loved ones on the other side when I want more intensity than just doing it in my head.
The writing provides focus, connection to the body, mindfulness meditation, and grounding. My only rule: don’t overthink. Just put down whatever you get.  It's life-changing and it saved my life. If anyone would like to write to Katie and ask her any questions, she'd love to hear from you. Katie shares other ideas on her Facebook page and was featured in

In this episode, you’ll hear about:
  • Childbirth Education Personality Quiz
  • Katie’s work as a Medical & Spiritual Intuitive (2:54)
  • How Katie knew that she could help people intuitively (3:58)
  • How you can use intuition to be a better parent (6:07)
  • Taking care of yourself to avoid anxiety (9:27)
  • How to tap into your intuition exercise (11:19)
  • Do you need to recharge exercise for kids (15:50)
  • Allowing your kids to do nothing and why it’s important (17:44)
Learn more about Katie on her website.
If you're fascinated about the idea of intuitive pregnancy and parenting, listen to my conversation with birth doula and host of the Birthful podcast, Adriana Lozada on episode 34 of the Pure Nurture podcast.